It has been said that one is never over dressed nor underdressed in a little black dress. Yes, it’s a cliché, but a little black dress (also affectionately known as the LBD) is one that will never go out of style.  It’s the dress that you should have in your closet to turn to time and again for so many different occasions.

Fashion designers say that the little black dress is a closet staple because of its versatility.  A little black dress should be mostly solid in color or have the same color details so that it is like a blank canvas.  Wear it as is, or accessorize it with different shoes or jewelry.  You should be able to dress up or dress down a great little black dress.  Add layers like a shrug or a denim jacket for even more style flexibility!

The Perfect Little Black Dress For Your Body

At ASK Dress Boutique, we have tons of respect for the little black dress and keep several different styles in stock for all different body shapes and sizes!  All little black dresses are not created equal.  There are so many different styles and silhouettes to choose from.  Below are just a few styles that look flattering on different body types.

LBD6Pear Shape

If you have a pear shape figure, then the widest parts of your body are your hips and backside with a smaller bust line.  A halter-style little black dress is a flattering choice for pear shapes.  The halter neckline will create a balanced look by showing off your shoulders.  It helps to proportion your hips to the upper part of your body.


LBD3Apple Shape

The best style LBD for apple-shaped figures are empire waist dresses or flared dresses.  Empire waist dresses cinch in your waist, making it slimmer, giving you a more hourglass silhouette.  A dress with a flared skirt adds curves to your lower body and emphasizes your torso for a more balanced look.




The color black is slimming in general and it suits curvy body shapes very well! Consider a fitted style to show off your curves.  A wrap or a sheath dress is a good choice for a curvy figure.  A V-neck dress will add proportion if you have broader shoulders and it will draw the eye downward for a slimming effect. Try to keep the hemline of your LBD either right above or right below the knee for balance.



A sheath-style dress is ideal for a petite body shape.  The clean lines and elongated shape of a sheath create a lean and tall appearance.  A style that falls above the knee is going to be the most flattering.  A shorter hem will make your legs look longer.  If you choose a little black dress with a texture or a print, choose vertical designs to help create that appearance of length.  Avoid a dress that has details like ruffles or puff sleeves as it can overpower your silhouette.

Shoes, Accessories, and Your Little Black Dress

redshoes goldshoes blackshoes

Ok.  So you found the perfect little black dress.  Now comes the fun part – picking out the shoes and accessories!  This is where you can make a little black dress your own.  An amazing little black dress, as we said earlier, should be like a blank canvas.  Are you wearing your LBD to a more formal event?  Maybe opt for a tall sexy heel and more formal, delicate jewelry.  Or is your event a bit more casual?  Pair your dress with a pair of wedges and hoop earrings.  The options are endless.  One of our favorite things to pair an LBD with here at ASK are red heels with red earrings.  This adds a sassy pop of color that looks fun and flirty!   Since a little black dress is usually solid black, you can bring in different colors or patterns with your shoes.  Shoes with animal prints are a fun trend right now.  Some LBD styles look amazing with booties or even tall dress boots in the winter months.  Check out this article with more suggestions for the best shoes for your LBD.


Let Us Help You Find Your Perfect LBD!

Our staff here at ASK Dress Boutique would love to help you find YOUR perfect little black dress and accessories. Whether you are looking for a dress to wear to a formal or casual event – we have so many to choose from regardless of the occasion.  Long, short, fitted, fit and flare, embellished or simple -we have an LBD to fit your personal style!  And we have a wide selection of different shoes and jewelry to finish your look. Hurry in soon or shop online 24/7.