First Communion season is nearly upon us, and we understand just how important and exciting this is for every child; a joyful and holy occasion, Communion simply means ‘togetherness’ so it is a tradition that everyone can enjoy. It is a special day, and our staff at ASK makes the dress shopping experience special too!


When a child takes their First Holy Communion, they unite with Jesus in a way that they never have before, and their souls become the bride of Christ. This is why girls wear white dresses. It is a celebration and a rite of passage that marks a big milestone in the child’s life. All the family are invited, photographers are usually booked and after parties and gifts are given to the ‘mini brides’.


Communion Blog PicOur stunning range of First Communion dresses and veils are perfectly pristine and ready for your child’s big day. From white local diocese approved dresses, to charming pure white veils – we have everything to make the day extra special.  To complete your daughter or granddaughter’s look, ASK has a variety of accessories such as boleros, jackets, socks, tights, gloves, and purses.


You will find a great selection of dresses and accessories to meet your budget and your daughter’s style.  The following designers have amazing quality dresses that range from simple and sleek, to very detailed and extravagant.


Christie Helene FC BlogChristie Helene’s theme for their 2023 Collection is “JOY”. “Being “JOYFUL” as we celebrate the experience of GOD’S LOVE through the rituals of the Sacraments” says the dress designer Mary Jane Tomasino. ASK carries dresses from Christie Helene’s Angel Collection.  These dresses are traditional styles with the most beautiful details!  With high quality fabric and hand sewn beading and appliqué – there are stunning details on Christie Helene dresses at every angle.  These dresses make the perfect family heirloom, as they will never go out of style and can be passed down for generations.


Lauren Marie First Communion BlogLauren Marie’s designer dresses and accessories are created with the finest lace, fabric and beads. The dresses designed by Diane Pierson feature classic and beautiful styles that will make your daughter feel even more special on her First Holy Communion.  ASK carries a beautiful selection of veils, gloves and purses by Lauren Marie as well.


Lito Communion BlogFrom keepsake heirloom pieces to contemporary silhouettes, there is a gown by Swea Pea & Lilli for every personal style preference and church requirement.  ASK is fully stocked with a variety of veils including tiaras, wreaths, combs and headbands from Lito.  Accessorize your daughter’s dress with a beautiful faux fur cardigan or satin jacket or bolero.  Finish off the look with tights or First Communion socks by Lito.


The owners of ASK Dress Boutique, Sarah and Karen, both have daughters that have made their First Holy Communion.  They know that a child’s First Communion is a special day, and dress shopping for the event should be a fun experience.  So often nowadays our schedules are hectic, busy and rushed – but choosing a dress for this joyous event should not be.  Our staff at ASK tries to make each Communicant feel special when choosing their Perfect Dress.  We want the shopping experience to be a special memory between the daughter and her family.  We encourage the “twirl test” and trying on different veils when choosing the dress of her dreams.

Please feel free to call the boutique with any questions that you may have.  No appointments are needed to shop at ASK.  A selection of our First Communion dresses and accessories can be seen on our website at  We hope to see you soon!