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Postpond 845x510ASK Dress Boutique regrets to report the grand re-opening is being postponed due to a water issue affecting most of the shopping center.  Crews are working on the problem.  ASK is working on keeping the boutique in top notch shape.  Stay posted on FaceBook and Instagram for further updates.  Thank you for understanding.  

ASK1ASK Dress Boutique is happy to announce the re-opening of the boutique on June 2nd!  The governor has moved the entire state into "Phase 3" of the recovery plan.  There are some guidelines and restrictions that must be followed, but ASK is just happy to have our AMAZING customers back in the boutique!  ASK Dress Boutique is fully stocked and ready to help you find your Perfect Dress.  Several shipments of casual and cocktail dresses have arrived during closure.  ASK customers will love these styles!!  ASK Dress Boutique is also still fully stocked with long formal dresses, First Communion dresses, as well as Mother of the Bride/Groom.  Whatever style you are looking for, ASK Dress Boutique is ready to help!

IR5335t is with great sadness that we are announcing we are temporarily closing the boutique due to the Stay at Home mandate from the Governor of Illinois.  The health of our customers, our staff, and their families are our priority.  Due to the ongoing threat of the spread of COVID-19, we want to do our part to slow that down and keep everyone safe.  What was going to be a short closure is now being extended per the order of Gov. Pritzker.  If you have dresses at the boutique that are waiting to be picked up, we ask that you do so by 5 p.m. Saturday, March 21st.  When we reopen,  the boutique will be fully stocked with beautiful prom dresses as well as our newest spring and summer styles.  If you have an immediate need, we will be available for individual appointments, please contact us via e-mail or Facebook Messenger.  Keep watching our page for updates.  Thank you for all your support.  Stay safe, stay well. We look forward to helping you find your Perefect Dress very soon!

JVN02432 BLACKMULTI 180x270Prom season is an exciting time of year at ASK Dress Boutique.  Many of the high schools in the local area are graduating a little earlier this year, which means prom dates are earlier as well.  ASK Dress Boutique was well prepared for this and the expected early shopping.  The Boutique is filling up quickly with beautiful prom gowns from some of the top Prom Designers.  Shipments of the newest prom styles are arriving DAILY from Jovani, JVN, Splash by Landa, Ellie Wilde, Lucci Lu, Alyce Paris, Amarra, MacDuggal, Sydney's Closet, Johnathan Kayne, and Morrell Maxie.  These gowns are just stunning!!!  ASK Dress Boutique is ready to help you find your Perfect Prom Dress for Prom 2020.


SWAG Bag Success

ASK Dress Boutique's Homecoming Swag Bag event was so exciting and so successful, that ASK decided to do a Prom Swag Bag.  The bag is filled with some amazing items!  Customers will recognize some of the businesses from past Swag Bags, however there are new participants as well.  The Swag Bags are given as a "THANK YOU" for being great ASK Dress Boutique customers, but it is also a way for other local businesses to get their name and their services to more people.  ASK Dress Boutique is excited to partner with these businesses to bring all this fun swag!

How Does It Work

The promotion is easy to understand.  Here's how it works.  The first 50 customers whom purchase a full priced prom dress at ASK Dress Boutique will receive a Swag Bag.  Special order dress purchases are included in the giveaway.  The Swag Bag will be given to those customers at the time of order.  Clearance dress purchases are not included.  Previous purchases prior to the start of the promotion are also not included.  The Swag Bag promotion cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

What Is Included in the Bag

There are so many items and offers included in the Prom Swag Bag!  Here is a list of the businesses whom have items and offers included in the Bag..

Diva's Salon & Spa has been serving the Shorewood community since 1997.  Offering hair cuts & color, make-up application, nail services, massage, and more.  Diva's is located in the same strip as ASK and have been wonderful supporters of the business since the start.  Stop in to see them for all your salon & spa needs!  www.divassalonspa.com

Katie's Krafts is a new business included in the Swag Bag.  Providing personalized creations, including pop sockets, earrings, keychains, t-shirts, & more.  Visit Katie's Krafts FaceBook page to find out more.

Jamberry is participating again in the Prom Swag Bag.  Christine Moskalik is a senior consultant for the product that is the nail wrap that lasts.  Learn all about her products at https://beneyou.com/cmosk

So Dear to Pat's Heart Floral is another returning business participating in the Swag Bag.  Family owned and operated and located across the street from ASK Dress Boutique, So Dear to Pat's Heart is able to provide beautiful flowers for all your events.  Stop by to see Shelley or visit their website www.sodeartopatsheartfloral.com

Shorewood HUGS was founded in 2008 by 5 fabulous moms that wanted to give back to their community.  The number of women involved has grown, as has the number of people they have helped with the "hugs" they give.  ASK Dress Boutique is a proud supporter of Shorewood HUGS and is excited to have them as part of the Swag Bag promotion.  See everything they do by visiting www.shorewoodhugs.org

Bliss Hair Studio is once again part of the ASK Dress Boutique Swag Bag.  Bliss is dedicated to utilizing cutting edge techniques and trends personalized to each of their clients.  Offering a complete array of services, including hair, make-up, and waxing.  Visit Bliss Hair Studio to find out more! www.blisshairstudioshorewood.com

Kosack's Black Tie Formalwear has been a partner of ASK Dress Boutique's from early on.  Specializing in men's formalwear and accessories, this family run business wants to make sure your date looks good too!  Located on Essington Rd. in Joliet.  Kosack's Black Tie Formalwear

Cutie Cakes is new to the Swag Bag.  Many of the Prom customers will be graduating soon.  Cutie Cakes is THE place to find unique, custom cakes for all of your events.  Locally owned and run out of her home, Nikcole's creativity and passion comes through in each of her designs.  And the cakes taste GREAT!!  Visit her FaceBook page, Cutie Cakes by Nikcole, and see some of her amazing creations. 

Knockout Artistry is another new participant in the Swag Bag.  Providing licensed cosmetologists that provide their services in YOUR home.  Knowledgeable and professional, KA will provide you with the quality services you desire.  www.kaonsite.com

Mary Kay Cosmetics is a long time home based cosmetic line.  Well known and reputable, this company is a leader in the cosmetic field.  Laura Smulski is a consultant that can provide you with guidance to find the products you need.  Contact Laura today!

Joliet Bank & Trust/Shorewood Bank & Trust are part of the Wintrust Community Bank Family.  The banks pride themselves on being part of the community neighborhood and providing personalized banking services.  Are you ready to start a bank account of your own?  They can help.  www.wintrust.com

Texas Roadhouse is a returning participannt.  Once again, enjoy a coupon for a free appetizer!  Finding your perfect dress is hard work!  Treat yourself to some awesome food at Texas Roadhouse!

Star Cleaning Services uses organic natural cleaning supplies to provide you weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or even the occasional services.  New to the Swag Bag, check them out on FaceBook.

Young Living Essential Oils started small in 1993 and is respected for the countless benefits it brings to humanity.  Amanda Pappas Kalivoda is an Independent Distributor that can help you find the oils that are right for your needs.  Contact her today!

Ortanic Airbrush provides customized, hand sprayed, airbrush tans.  The spray tan last 7-10 days.  Ortanic is conveniently located in Minooka.  Visit their website to see a menu of their services and to book an appointment.  www.ortanic.info

Thank You

ASK Dress Boutique would like to thank all the business for participating in our first PROM Swag Bag!  Thank you to our amazing customers for supporting us and shopping small.  We ablsolutely love seeing our customers smile.  Come in early to find your Perfect Prom Dress!  If you are one of the first 50 customers to purchase a full priced prom dress, you will receive one of these fantastic Swag Bags!!  Visit ASK Dress Boutique before they are all gone!

71JjwYtXSdL. SX425 Homecoming season was a HUGE success at ASK Dress Boutique!!  As ASK does every year, the dresses were tracked for what school dance the customer would be attending.  Girls from 35 different schools purchased their homecoming dress from ASK.  A lot of amazing girls were met!  A lot of amazing moms were met!  A lot of amazing DADS were met!  More dads than in years past were in ASK Dress Boutique with their daughters this year.  ASK loved it!!  Thank you to all of those wonderful people that helped make the season a success.

IMG 4788Homecoming will be here sooner than you think.  ASK Dress Boutique is receiving new inventory of beautiful homecoming dresses every day!  We have requested that we have all of our stock delivered by mid-August, so the earlier you shop, the better the selection.  Top Homecoming styles from Jovani, JVN, Ellie Wilde, Splash, Lucci Lu, Alyce Paris, & MacDuggal are filling up the boutique very quickly.  This Homecoming season kicks off ASK Dress Boutique's 3rd Annual Swag Bag event.  The promotion started July 6th and runs until the last Bag is given away.  How do you receive one of these AMAZING bags?!  It's simple; be one of the first 100 customers to purchase a regular priced Homecoming dress at ASK Dress Boutique.  The items included in each bag may vary, but all include some great coupons, information, & giveaways from local businesses as well as some of ASK's partners.

IMG 3183There are plenty of options on where to buy a dress.  Why should you choose to buy your formal dress for Prom, Homecoming or other special event from a locally owned, small boutique?  Find out in this article what your money is getting you.

The price of a prom dress or homecoming dress may be a few dollars more when you purchase from a small, locally owned boutique.  There is a lot of work that goes into having the designer dresses presented and available in an actual store.  There is the overhead cost of having a storefront.  The display of the dresses, rent, payroll, utilities, it all adds up.  Shipping of the dresses to the store is another cost; no discounts are given to small stores.  Packaging, garment bags, price tags.  Yes, a small portion of this is passed onto the customer.  It is a very minimal, but unavoidable cost.  The benefits outlined below make it all worth it.

Brand Name Designer Dresses

When purchasing in the boutique, you are getting designer dresses.  Are you sure that is the dress you are finding elsewhere?  First let's talk about conterfeit dresses.  Many times what you see online may LOOK like that top designer dress that you saw in the store.  However, there are a few indications that the prom dress, the homecoming dress, or gala event dress you see is too good to be true. unnamed


If the price you are finding is hugely different than what you see in the boutique, there is something wrong.  Every store that carries designer dresses has a contract with each vendor.  The designer/vendor sets the minimum price of the dress, not the store.  If the store does not sell the dress for at least that minimum price, their contract with the designer will be pulled.  The store no longer will be able to sell that designer's dresses.


Although there are a few exceptions to this, most designer prom dresses are only available in a few colors.  If the prom dress you are finding comes in a ton of color options, it is most likely counterfeit.  Check the actual designer's website and see if the same color options are listed.


Most of the top designers will have a list of stores in your area that carry their dresses.  Check to see if the website you are looking at is one of those listed stores.

Dresses Ready for Your Event

IMG 0134IMG 0137When you purchase a prom dress, homecoming dress, or any other style of dress in the boutique, it has been inspected for flaws.  During shipping, beads sometimes become loose.  Those loose beads are fixed prior to the dress being put on the sales floor.  If there is a snag or problem with the material, which does happen, it is sent back to the manufacturer and a new dress is received.  If you order online, these flaws in the dress become your problem to fix. 

The dresses are pacakaged very tightly for shipping.  This causes some major wrinkles in the fabric.  The dress is fully steamed and in wearable condition before it is even put on the sales floor.  Depending on the style of dress and the fabric of the dress, steaming can take up to 60 minutes to get the dress in wearable condition!  That is with a professional grade steamer.  To get a dress professionally steamed at a dry cleaners, the cost ranges from approximately $10 - $35, depending on the fabric, style, etc.

In Store Experience

IMG 3210The experience you have shopping at the boutique is something very important to consider.  You are able to try on the dress, see exactly how it looks on you, feel the material, the quality of the fabric, and see the actual color.  There is no guessing on what you get.  Many times the style, color, or fit that is what you thought would be your dream dress is not what you had pictured in your mind when you actally put on the dress.  Sometimes seeing it in a picture does the dress no justice.  Shopping at ASK Dress Boutique, it's all about customer service.  You get individual attention when you shop at the boutique.  The staff is there to help you.  They are able to bring you more dress options based on how they see the dresses you've chosen are fitting you and what you tell them you like, as well as what you don't like, about those dresses.  The staff's experience with the dresses in the boutique may have them bring you a dress you never even thought of.  The experience is catered to you.  Each person is an individual.  You are important to ASK Dress Boutique!!  It's all about a personal touch.

Although a local boutique and some larger stores have access to the same inventory, your local boutique is usually more willing to special order that Perfect Dress for you.  Whether it's a different size or different color or even if it's a style not currently in the boutique's inventory, the staff will gladly do whatever they can to get that dress in stock for you.

Community Support

52104914 2054558891502821 3544831041342537728 nShopping a locally owned small business helps your community.  Small businesses not only give back to the community through the sales tax that support local schools, libraries, etc., but are (more) likely to donate to area fundraising initiatives.  ASK Dress Boutique has donated to many local school events at Minooka High School, Joliet Township High Schools, Joliet Catholic Academy, and Holy Family, just to name a few.  ASK has also also donated to Shorewood HUGS, Will County Habitat for Humanity, Knights of Columbus, Shorewood Kiwanis, Cornerstone Services, Shorewood C.O.P.S., and other organizations.  ASK Dress Boutique enjoys giving back to the community.

Shopping for your event, whether it is Homecoming, Prom, Christmas Dance, Weddinng Reception, Awards Banquet, Gala, Graduation, or even a little girl's First Communion can be an enjoyable experience.  ASK Dress Boutique provides a relaxed, low pressure environment.  We want you HAPPY with your purchase.  There are many different styles, sizes, and colors of dresses from which to choose.  You will know the quality of the dress is exactly what you want.  Finish off your look with a beautiful pair of shoes, a clutch, and jewelry; all are available at ASK Dress Boutique.  ASK Dress Boutique, where it is our goal to be your first and only stop for your Perfect Dress!  38516089 1266054516864996 5697512475944026112 n


f8f7c49c0c3bdf103457c191f17c6024Prom 2019 has arrived!  Are you ready?  ASK Dress Boutique is!  We have the top prom dresses for 2019 waiting for you at the boutique.  The most popular prom dress style, the most popular prom dress fabric, the top prom dress color is what everyone is searching for.  ASK Dress Boutique will help you find the style that is Perfect for you.


There is not one style that stands out from another this year.  Ballgown style dresses are always a favorite.  However, many girls choose a gown that is tighter fitting or has a trumpet or mermaid style skirt.  There are one piece ballgowns, one piece fitted gowns, & one piece mermaid gowns.  There are also two piece gowns in each of the styles.  Sometimes the style gown you think you want is not the style you end up liking the most.


Fabrics that have been popular this year are satin charmeuse, mikado, chiffon, and jersey.  Sequins and sparkle may be what you enjoy.  Tulle is always a hit.  Many dresses have a combination of various fabrics.


Colors? When it comes to colors, the sky is the limit!  Yes, that means there are many different shades of blue; royal, navy, ice blue, periwinkle, just to name a few.  There are SO many colors to choose from this year!  Greens, purples, and yellows are being seen more than ever before.  Simple black, to fully embellished gowns are a classic.

Top Prom Dress Styles

ASK Dress Boutique carries prom dresses from these fine manufacturers:  Jovani, JVN by Jovani, Morrell Maxie, Johnathan Kayne, Alyce Paris, Ellie Wilde, MacDuggal, Splash by Landa, and Lucci Lu.  We will break down the Top 5 Prom Dress Styles from each of these labels that are available to you at ASK Dress Boutique right now!


  1. Style #5908 is a beautiful tulle mermaid style gown.  Available in many colors, the coral/silver gown is in stock.  All others colors can be special ordered for you!b20c2c87198372fd5da537503c3a3a8b
  2. Style #62517 is availabe in rose gold.  The cracked sparkle gown is fitted and has a deep plunging neckline.62517 front 660x990 1024x1024 17379.1544970730
  3. Style #55816 is a floral embroidered tulle gown.  Available in multi/nude, it is also available for order in several other colors.55816 MULTINUDE 660x990 1024x1024
  4. Style #37335 is a strapless lace gown.  Soft lace, adorned with heat set stones.  Available in many colors, including lilac.fullsizeoutput 580
  5. Style 67347 is a gold/silver sequin gown.  Criss-cross strap back, as well as an embellished waistband, is sure to turn heads.67347 GOLDSILVER 1 660x990

See more Jovani styles at ASK Dress Boutique or go to www.Jovani.com


JVN by Jovani

  1. Style JVN67198 is an A-line gown with mikado skirt and fully embellished top. It has a deep plunging illusion neckline.  Available to order in several colors, including hot pink.JVN67198 red 660x990
  2. Style JVN5585 is a flowy chiffon gown with high kick pleat, plunging neckline, and sheer embroidered bodice.  Available in several colors, including a beautifully delicate pink.light pink dress JO JVN JVN55885 a
  3. Style JVN62576 is a light blue beaded ball gown.  Spaghetti straps and an open back complete the stunning style.JVN62576 660x990 large
  4. Style JVN67782 is a tulle embroidered ballgown.  Offering full coverage bodice.  Available in wine and can be ordered in royal.JVN67782 180x270
  5. Style JVN68259, a beautiful 2 piece embroidered tulle ballgown.  The cropped top has an embellished choker and low back.  Available in navy, or to order in white/grey.JVN68259 navy 660x990 large

More styles from JVN seen at ASK Dress Boutique or visiting www.jvn.com


Morrell Maxie

  1. Style 16035 is a stretch crepe fitted gown with tulle embroidery on back.  A sophisticated gown, stunning in red and available to order in rose.16035 red 013.440
  2.  Style 16016, an open back satin charmeuse gown.  The high kick pleat and halter neckline set this gown apart from the rest.  Available in royal or red.16016jpg
  3. Style 16097 is an off the shoulder, mermaid style embroidered lace gown.  Adding to the elegance is the ruffled tulle botom.  Red is stunning, as is the light blue.16097jpg
  4. Style 16087 is an embroidered glitter tulle mermaid gown.  The ice blue gown has an illusion, boning bodice and spaghetti straps.16087
  5. Style 16092 is available in aqua/periwinkle as well as fuschia/purple.  The ombre embroidery A-line gown has a v-neck and low cut back.16092

Other beautiful Morrell Maxie styles are available at ASK Dress Boutique or can be seen at http://morrellmaxie.com/


Johnathan Kayne

  1. Style 9033 is a layered satin charmeuse gown.  It has spaghetti straps and an open back.  Availabe in several colors, including midnight violet.9033 midnightviolet.740
  2. Style 9001 is a stunning mermaid style gown.  Embroidered sequin mesh throughout the bodice and scallops to the tulle bottom.  The aqua gown also comes in several other colors.9001 aqua.740
  3. Style 9066 is highlighted by an embellished halter style top.  Beautiful satin and organza skirt.  Color choices of rose gold and black/rose gold.9066 blackrosegold.740
  4. Style 9081 is a taffeta A-line dress with a fully beaded bodice.  Thick straps and scalloped neckline make this gown stand out.  Stunning in red, or to order in white.9081 hr 5bef0a761793e
  5. Style 7244 is a stretch lace, ponte knit gown.  Featuring belle sleeves and a skirt that flows into a small train.  Several color options, including a beautiful royal as well as a vibrant yellow.7244 web 59ca6f0a0b4f1

See more elegant Johnathan Kayne styles at ASK Dress Boutique or online at www.johnathankayne.com


Alyce Paris

  1. Style 1413 is a tulle skirt ballgown.  The lace bodice is embellished and features an open strappy back.  Several color options are available, including a beautiful french blue.1413 frenchblue 1 2000 5x7
  2. Style 1422 is a luminous satin A-line dress.  The gown has a low v-neck and embellished waistline.  Royal is stunning, as are the other color options.alyce 1422 a 86058.1542080818
  3. Style 60335 is a 2 piece jacquard mermaid style dress.  The halter mikado top features a strappy back.  Available in black, pewter, or white.60335 Black 1 2x 992429a4 4eed 4486 95a9 0d5697ba3926 900x
  4. Style 60437 is a light gold 2 piece A-line gown.  A skater style lace top is complemented by the brocade skirt with gold threads woven throughout.60437 LightGold 1 17364.1541354560
  5. Style 1420 is a liquid shantun A-line gown.  This dress features an open back and beaded waistline.  Lucky Charm is a favorite color and it comes in several other colors as well.1420 LuckyCharmGreen 1 78693.1541354439

A greater selection of Alyce Paris dresses is available at ASK Dress Boutique or can be see online at www.alyceparis.com


Ellie Wilde

  1. EW119061is a novelty stretch mermaid style gown.  It is off the shoulder, has a natural waist, and a cut out back.  The turquoise/royal blue is amazing, as are the other color options offered.EW119061 D
  2. EW119010 is a soft tulle ballgown featuring beaded straps and multi-colored lace applique.  Powder blue and petal are available, as is mint.EW119010 A
  3. EW119018 is a navy blue glitter jersey gown highlighted by a beaded halter neck, multiple back straps, and continuing down the back to a sweeping train.  Also available in grey.EW119018 A
  4. EW119064 is a novelty stretch glitter ballgown.  The criss-cross back detail is completed by lace up design.  Feel like a princess in aqua, also offered in other color options.EW119064 D
  5. EW119030 is a double spaghetti strap A-line satin charmeuse gown. Featuring a delicately beaded waisline, curved v-neckline, and a high kick pleat.  Stunning in any color offered, including red and yellow.EW119030 A

Find even more Ellie Wilde styles at ASK Dress Boutique or see more images at www.elliewilde.com



  1. 40890H is a platinum ballgown that features AB stone and beading along the slight plunging neckline as well as waistline.40890H Platinum AB 1500x1912
  2. 66717H is a beautiful off the shoulder princess ballgown.  The rhinestone belt adds to the beauty.  Available in wintergreen and can also be ordered in coral.66717H WinterGreen
  3. 67687L is a strapless satin A-line gown.  Featuring pockets and a queen stone waistband.  Available in emerald or special ordered in lemon.67687L Emerald
  4. 1068L is a multi-toned sequin gown featuring a deep v-neck, high kick pleat, and scoop back.  Available in several colors.1068L ChiliPepper
  5. 77538F is from the Fabulous collection, which features plus size prom dresses.  The teal two strapped mermaid style gown has a beaded bodice.  With a corset back, the gown fits everyone's individual curves.  Also available in cranberry red.77538F Teal

Find more fantastic MacDuggal styles at ASK Dress Boutique or view them at www.macduggal.com


Splash by Landa

  1. K117 is a stunning glitter tulle fitted gown.  The halter top style dress is flattering on many body styles.  Rose gold is beautiful, as are the other colors in which it is available.K117 rose gold
  2. K156 is a beautiful 2 piece gown ballgown.  The top features beading and a lace up back.  The skirt is full layered tulle.  Feel just like a princess in the light blue or white gown.K156 light blue
  3. K101 is a satin A-line gown featuring a fully beaded top.  The emerald gown is set apart by the delicate bow in the back, adding a little more femininity.  Also available in royal or wine.K101 emerald
  4. K102 is a red and black floral print satin ballgown.  Featuring spaghetti straps and a lace up back.09aacba3aeae070520361379182594f5.image.192x245
  5. K152 is a brocade ballgown.  The beaded waist adds to the elegance of the black bodice and the black & gold skirt, which also has hints of navy.K152

A large selection of other Splash styles are available at ASK Dress Boutique or view images at http://www.landadesigns.com/


Lucci Lu

  1. 2147 is an unbelievaly beautiful rose gold tulle mermaid style gown.  Featuring off the shoulder straps as well as spaghetti straps and a fully beaded bodice.  Also available in charcoal.2147
  2. 8206 is a navy fitted, deep v-neck gown.  Stand out from the crowd in this gown which is finished off by a fully organza bottom.  Available to be ordered in several other colors.8206f 1
  3. 28034 is a red satin trumpet gown.  Featuring a lace halter style top and a gorgeous ruffle back.28034
  4. 981016 is a flattering glitter stretch jersey gown.  Featuring wide straps, a v-neck, and ruched side.  Also available in red or to order in silver.981016 1
  5. 981029 is a navy layered tulle ballgown.  The bodice has a high neckline and is fully beaded.  The back is low cut and has criss-cross detail.981029 1

See more beautiful Lucci Lu styles at ASK Dress Boutique or online at www.luccilu.com


The best way to find your Perfect Dress for Prom 2019 is to try on different styles, different fabrics, different colors.  The dress that on the hanger does not seem appealing to you may be the most stunning dress on you!  ASK Dress Boutique is dedicated to helping our customers find the style, the fabric, the color that is best for them.  Come to ASK Dress Boutique to let us help you find YOUR Perfect Prom Dress!!




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